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The company, located in East Flanders (Belgium) specialised in industrial floors for business and private customers, is looking for a provider of chopped glass fibre strands to conclude a distribution agreement to expand their own product range.

The Belgian SME is a construction company with over 20 years of experience in concrete floors for industrial and private use. Its sister company is an exclusive distributor for the Benelux for products used for the realisation of decorative cementitious surfaces. The company wants to expand its product portfolio with chopped glass fibre strands.
A few years ago it started using chopped glass fibre strands for the reinforcement of concrete to control the cracking process that can take place during the entire life-span of concrete. From cracks due to volume changes in fresh (settlement and plastic shrinkage) and hardened states (thermal and drying shrinkage) to post-crack load-bearing capacity contribution.
Glass fibre is easy to use, has the same qualities as wire mesh and signifies a considerable saving in terms of working hours. The company is looking for providers of chopped glass fibre strands, not only to cover the needs of the company itself (15,000 kg/year) but it is also interested in a distribution agreement as it see s opportunities for the glass fibre strands as reinforcement material in the Belgian market. Preferably, the company is searching for a provider of ready-to-use chopped glass fibre strands. But it is also interested in contacts with producers of semi-finished materials as it is willing to invest in a chopping and packing machine. In first instance, the SME looks for an EU based partner, but also a cooperation with a non-EU based producer is possible.


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Sunday, 5 December, 2021