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This Bulgarian SME offers the biggest drop shipping service in the HoReCa sector and is looking for reliable suppliers from across the EU for the concluding of distribution services agreements. Targeted partners are brand owners, manufacturers of any product being used in the HoReCa sector.

This Bulgarian company is founded in 2018 by a group of glass wholesalers. Main activity was to sell glassware but the company decided to enlarge the product range from drinking glasses to all products and services that are used by companies in the HoReCa sector and to offer them through online shop. The online shop represents the biggest drop shipping service in the HoReCa sector in Bulgaria with thousands of visitors from the hospitality sector.
There are tens of suppliers (manufacturers and wholesalers) that are already working with the company with about 100 brands and more than 13000 products. 

The actual categories on the website: 

Hotel products - lotions, conditioners, oral care products, shampoos, shower gels, soaps, bathroom products, electronic locks, fans, hangers, heaters, luggage racks, room accessories, small appliances.

Buffet and Service products - ashtrays, baskets, buckets, buffets, cake trays, chalkboards & menu boards, dispensers, egg cups, napkin holders, sauce containers, serving pans, spatulas, table bins.

Disposable products - candles, cocktail decors, cones, cups, disposable tablecloths, garbage bags, gloves, kitchen rolls, napkins, pizza boxes, stretch films, takeaway bags, wet wipes.

Barware products - bottles, bottle openers, champagne buckets, coffee containers, cream siphons, glass coolers, ice breakers, knifes, mixing cups, squeezers, thermometers.

Kitchenware products - baking pans, barbecues, chopping blocks, coffee pots, cream siphons, cutlery boxes, dishwashing products, graters, knifes, pans, pots, casseroles, scissors.

Drink ware products - glasses for beer, champagne, cocktails, coffee, hot drinks, liqueur, long drinks, margarita, milk jug and multi-use glasses, glasses for ouzo, poolside glasses.

Cleaning products - bathroom detergents, bins (outdoor & ashtray), dispensers, dryers, fragrances, furniture polishers, kitchen detergents, laundry detergents, laundry softeners, sponges, toilet brushes.

Dinnerware products - deep plates, flat plates, meal trays, pasta plates, pizza plates, sauce containers, serving plates

Cutlery products - appetizer forks and spoons, cake knifes, cheese knifes, coffee spoons, dessert forks, fish knifes, fruit forks and knifes, fruit spoons, ice cream spoons, pizza knifes, shellfish forks, soup spoons, steak knives, table knifes, table spoons.

Food & Drink products - dried fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, alcohol, chocolate, coffee, desserts, mineral water, sauces, seasonings, syrups, toppings.

Packaging products - bottles, jars, lids & caps, nets.
Furniture & Decoration - candle holders, lamps, chairs, stickers, tables, vases.

Work wear products - chef jackets, chef trousers, footwear, hats, oven mitts, shirts.
Industrial Kitchen products - bone cutters, burger presses, cooking machines, cutlery polishers, filters, glass polishers, meat slicers, ovens, pan stands, pizza ovens, sausage fillers, stoves.

Biodegradable products - cups, cutlery, plates, platters, sandwich boxes, sticks, straws (flexible), straws (packed), straws (straight, takeaway boxes/containers, trays.

The company is located in Bulgaria but is serving customers in the whole world, especially in the European Union.  The company offers to the potential partners to list their products on the website, without a physical showroom or shop, using the given MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) by the suppliers while listing the products. 

By attracting new partners, the company through the online platform will increase the range and types of products and thus will attract more visitors, and hence more customers to different types of products. By adding more partners, the platform will become more attractive and will increase the confidence of potential customers.

The partnership will be under distribution services agreements. Partners from whole EU are welcomed.


For more information please contact Enterprise Europe Network Latvia.

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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Perses Street 2, Riga, LV-1442, Latvia
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Sunday, 18 September, 2022