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Polish trading and service company operates in several sectors - food market, wallpaper and interior decoration shops and an ice cream parlour. The company is looking for a manufacturer/distributor from Turkey or China.

The owner of the Polish company has been running a chain grocery store based on a franchise system for almost five years. In addition to the development of stationary retail trade, he also runs a sub-wholesale business, in particular the fresh meat and sausages, vegetables and fruit and dry food products departments. Thanks to the selected pricing policy, the company gained contacts to catering companies, which allowed the owner to learn the principles of operation of these establishments from the inside and to trade a wider assortment. The owner also runs two wallpaper and interior finishing shops and an ice cream parlour. An additional branch of the activity based on the delivery of goods the company is servicing social assistance homes in which live from several dozen to several hundred residents (mainly elderly people). The company currently serves six such institutions - it delivers individual groceries. It also wants to become a supplier of hygienic and chemical products to such institutions, hence it is looking for reliable partners who can ensure competitive prices. The company plans for the next few years to gain customers such as: kindergartens, nurseries, hospitals, schools, offices and some companies usually operate by organizing tenders in which the most attractive price offers decide on the final cooperation. 

Due to the dynamic growth of the company and a number of ideas to expand the business, the owner is looking for competitive suppliers under a supplier agreement.


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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Monday, 18 July, 2022