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A young Slovenian company established in 2021 wants to develop, manufacture and compete with an electric supermoto motorcycle. The company solution is currently in the sketch phase or 3D model.

Slovenian inovative company was established in 2021. The company focus on scientific, research and development activity and operates at the crossroads of sustainable mobility and motorsport. The company wants to develop, manufacture and compete with an electric supermoto motorcycle, the drive package of which they will sell as a built-in set for petrol motorcycles. Motocross, enduro and supermoto motorcycles face three main problems: expensive maintenance, noise restrictions and meeting EURO standards.

Maintenance in electric drive is minimal due to the small amount of components that wear out. The electric drive does not cause noise, which means that the user has a higher level of freedom of driving in urban environments and nature, and the tracks do not disturb the local population. Compliance with the new EURO standards for petrol engines brings higher prices and complexity, while the electric drive has no emissions, namely it corresponds to the final EURO 7 standard (0 emissions).

The company drive is to be able to be installed on existing motorcycles of these segments, which will solve all the listed problems with a smaller investment and without compromising on performance. The future potential of expansion is the production of a boutique series of electric motorcycles.

The company vision is directed towards unrelenting focus on quality and providing a pristine feeling of riding, they would like the rider to experience passion in driving a motorcycle, driven by electricity, without any compromise on performance.

Their solution is currently in the sketch phase or 3D model. It is a framework model of the powertrain on the basis of which a prototype will be made in the coming months, which will be the basis for upcoming tests. According to components and calculations, it will achieve more power than a comparable petrol engine, with a minimum of more weight (+ 10%). Up to 2000 hours without maintenance of the drive, the cost of a single charge 1.5 EUR, easy to use without start-up procedures.
With the prototype, they will develop a 100% regenerative brake and accompanying components, control electronics, anti-slip and instability program and special programs (start, partial slip, stunt, etc.), which can be transferred directly to the final product.
For the final product, it is necessary to conclude contracts with component suppliers, invest in manufacturing tools (molds for aluminum castings, extrusion template) and production or assembly line and create a library of 3D scans of target motorcycles on the market, for drive placement and design of assembly adapters.
The company is searching partners for developing the motorcycle drive package (motor, inverter), investors, strategic partners for motorcycle rolloutto develop and manufacture an electric supermoto motorcycle under joint venture agreement. Alternatively, financial agreement with an investor to proceed to the stage of prototype development/creation prior to commercializing the product.


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