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A UK energy infrastructure provider is developing and installing modular fuel conversion containers which convert ammonia to hydrogen fuel on site at air and seaports or onboard large vessels. The modular containers will have the capacity to crack ammonia into hydrogen fuel in-situ.

UK energy infrastructure provider for airports and seaports has received significant finance from the UK government and private investors to develop and install modular fuel conversion containers which convert ammonia into zero emissions hydrogen electric power on site at air and seaports or onboard hybrid-electric vehicles.

The objective of the company is to repurpose port infrastructure as an essential component of future smart cities in their drive towards zero-emissions, integrated and sustainable transportation solutions. Focusing upon a specific route development that already has infrastructure associated with maritime trade, the company addresses specific vehicle parameters and the ground-based infrastructure for H2 air and marine refuelling.  

The proof-of-concept demonstrator will have commercial value as a mobile marine auxiliary power unit for vessels in ports (cold-harbouring) or at sea. When fully developed, the smart-multiport infrastructure will not only provide regional storage and delivery of H2 for aviation and marine users but can also be designed to provide the access to H2 refuelling for ground transportation users.

The modular hydrogen energy converters will be delivered, serviced, maintained and owned by the UK company and charged to the end user by the MWh of delivered power at sea or on land at a Port. 

The containerised solution would integrate all the equipment to convert Ammonia into electric power onboard hybrid-electric vessels. The equipment the company is looking for already exists on the marketplace and are seeking manufacturers or suppliers who can provide one or more of these hard components: ammonia crackers, gas purifiers, pressure swing absorbers, heat exchangers, gas (ammonia/hydrogen) burners and ammonia tanks.

The UK company prefer supplier or manufacturing agreements with potential partners. However, at this stage, the type of commercial agreement is open to discussion.


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