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A UK company has developed a novel connectivity and anti-theft device for bicycles that incorporates Internet of Things (IoT) hardware, application software and a cloud-based management system.

A 2021 survey found that around 90% of cyclists who experienced bike theft in the UK, Netherlands and Germany had locked their bike. Bike theft remains a major problem globally, and with an increase in the number of cyclists during the pandemic, the demand for more effective security for cyclists has grown. 

A UK company has developed a new anti-theft device that incorporates smart connectivity and tracking technology for bicycles. The system is designed to empower bicycle and Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) manufacturers to provide products that are smarter, more connected and capture detailed customer insight through cyclist behavioural data.
Cyclists benefit from advanced anti-theft and tracking features for a more secure and connected riding experience.

The hardware module (printed circuit board and power source) combines vibration, accelerometer, roll over and 6 axis gyro sensors, with eSim (embedded SIM card), GSM (Global System for Mobiles), Bluetooth, GPS (Global Positioning System) and integrated alarm into a device measuring 93mm by 25mm by 1mm and weighing 30g.

The UK company is seeking bicycle or accessories manufacturers with experience in manufacturing devices which could incorporate the elements above (and might also include their components, eg printed circuit board and power source) to produce the devices and add them to their product line, under white label manufacturing agreement.


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