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A UK company based in the North East has developed an innovative method of delivering power through glass invisibly. A transparent lamination of conductive and non-conductive glass allows power or data to be transferred across individual layers within the lamination.

A company based in the North East of England, established for 17 years in product design and development. They have dedicated efforts into research, experimentation and product innovation, specifically in plastics, glass and lighting. 

The company are driven by new materials, technologies and the latest manufacturing techniques, they have a track record of creating revolutionary products for global clients and are recognised name within the design field. The latest technological development by the company is an innovative method of delivering power through glass invisibly. 

A transparent lamination of conductive and non-conductive glass allows power to be transferred across two or more layers within the lamination. Apertures located within the lamination allow electrical device to connect multiple low power (<50V) devices. The delivery of this energy is wire/cable free and invisible to the user. Unlike a traditional power outlet, this technology does not require a connection to wires as they are located within an entirely optically clear, laminated panel with no visual means of power connection. 

The company has so far identified the following markets Lighting, Retail, Museum, Point of Sale, Architecture, Automotive, Aviation, Defence, Medical, Renewables and Farming but will be interested in investigating other markets to explore other potential applications or uses of their technology. 

The company would like to speak to partners who would be interested in licensing their technology (knowledge and knowhow) for commercial products or project applications, distributors in the above-mentioned sectors or partners looking to manufacture the technology in their own territories, they would also consider a joint venture partnership.

Due to current IP ownership and diverse market applications the company are seeking partnerships in the following territories Europe, USA and Canada however will consider other countries.


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