Information and Communications Technology Industry in Latvia


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Enterprise Europe Network (Profile:BRLT20210524001)
The Lithuanian company manufacturing a wide range of plastic products - hygienic shelving, poolside storage equipment, and related products - is looking for a partner from Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Germany who can manufacture and supply extruded PVC (polyvinyl chloride) profiles.
22 Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
22.2 Manufacture of plastics products
22.29 Manufacture of other plastic products
Enterprise Europe Network (Profile:BRNL20210517001)
The Dutch based company has, as a manufacturer of flexible packaging, about 40 years of experiencer. The company's products are used by leading local and international brands.The products on offer include stand-up pouches, plastic envelopes, tote bags and resealable bags.
17 Manufacture of paper and paper products
17.2 Manufacture of articles of paper and paperboard
17.29 Manufacture of other articles of paper and paperboard
Steel construction production and erection
Sell, Cooperation
We are steel producing factory from Latvia, Ozolnieki, lV-3018. We have capacity of 350 tons of unique steel construction production per month according to all European quality standards. As well as we are general contractor with 50 plus proffesionals of steel erection and genera building works.
25 Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
25.1 Manufacture of structural metal products
25.11 Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures